Few Facts about Fresh Fruits

Fruits are derived from a particular tissues of a flower so it a part of flowering plant. The plants disseminate the seeds through fruits. A fruit when it is fresh tastes very good. Fresh fruits are cholesterol free and fat free; it is also rich in nutritional value. It also provides essential vitamins and natural sugars; if you don't have this in a fruit form then you will have to take its supplement. By having fruits a person can never gain much weight. Fruits are an important part of healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. You can eat it raw or you can have it by making juice.

A person should have between 5 and 13 serving of fruits to prevent any illness or diseases. If a person regularly consume fresh fruits then he/she may have less chance of heart disease, cataracts, high blood pressure and various other illnesses. Fruits are also known as powerful healer because it helps to restore the PH level of the body and it alkaline the body.

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